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Sunday, August 27, 2017

To Seal the Testimony

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I have always had a great and deep study of Joseph Smith. His strength and courage, and Christ like virtues have been a major guidance and education in my life.  Many times I have not given up, because of the life and trials that he endured, which taught me to endure.  I have found in the last few weeks of teaching this class an even greater understanding and love for Joseph the Prophet and man.  This week as I prepared and studied the events and winding down of his life and mission on earth I felt a deep loss and found myself mourning even the great loss of a loved one, the great loss of a best friend...  

I can testify that I know Joseph Smith was and is a true Prophet of God, there was no greater man that lived on earth that has done more for mankind save Jesus Christ only.  I Hope the following presentation of some major events that lead to his martyrdom and of his last days will not only enlighten your mind but will cause you to study and love him and honor him and testify also with praise to the man that he truly is a Prophet of God that has restored the Church in these latter-days.

I've uploaded the following power point slides that include some of what I consider the "higher" points in the winding down of this time.  There is so much information concerning this time and the last day that it cannot be included in one blog. I have listed links at the end of the page so that you can go and read the full accounts of all the happenings.  In the middle of the slides there are two videos that are wonderful and complete the lesson I prepared please click on the videos in order to follow the natural progression of the lesson.  If the print seems to small to read just click on the slide to enlarge.  


The Ride to Carthage....


Encyclopedia of Mormonism  Martyrdom
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Remembering the Martyrdom  Remembering
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Jospeh Smith Papers  
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History of the Church
The Restored Church William Edwin Berrett
The Carthage Conspiracy, Dallin Oaks and Marvin Hill
Readings in early Mormon History  Early Mormon History
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 An Authentic Account of the Massacre of Joseph Smith  

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